Tokkers Releases Audio QR Codes That Make Anything Talk

Audio QR Codes

Company Offers Tools to Record Messages and Generate Mobile Landing Pages

Tokkers today released its new “talking” audio QR Codes. The new web-based service, available by subscription, allows users to easily create talking mobile landing pages, complete with logos, photos, text, maps, video, and social sharing links. Audio messages can be created using their online recorder, by phone, or by uploading audio files. Tokkers QR Codes can be placed on printed products, marketing materials, advertising, signage, displays, menus, exhibits and publications. They can be scanned with any smartphone QR Code reader app. The company claims that their QR Codes achieve higher scan rates because they “talk” and because the content is mobile optimized. 

Tokkers believes their service will be useful to marketing agencies, real estate professionals, museums and galleries, walking tours, magazines and newspapers, printers, restaurants and educators. Tokkers CEO Steve Briggs says there is a real need for businesses to broaden their mobile presence, citing expanding QR Code and smartphone usage world wide. QR Codes are appearing more frequently in all types of media, scan rates are rising, and smartphone adoption has surpassed 50 percent market penetration. People are increasingly accessing content on their mobile devices, and Briggs believes Tokkers provides the ideal tools to generate both compelling mobile content and the uAudio QR Codesnique QR Codes that link to it. 

“When people see our talking QR Codes, it makes them curious to hear the audio message and motivates them to scan,” says Briggs, “and when they do, they’ll be rewarded with a quality mobile experience.” He continued, “We’ve had great response during our beta period and we’re really excited to be opening up Tokkers to the public. We can’t wait to see what our customers do with them.” 

Tokkers is offering their service by paid subscription with a 30 day free trial, and there is also a free plan. The service is available at their website –


Tokkers provides audio QR Codes and leading-edge mobile landing page creation tools for businesses of all sizes. The company was founded in 2011 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. Their website can be found at

Tokkers Dashboard


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