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QR Code on Resume

Mobile technology is undoubtedly becoming a dominant force in the world of advertising. Smart phones and other mobile devices are allowing people to conduct business from wherever they are at any moment. Even a global economic recession could not hinder the spread of mobile technology and today more people are using it than ever before. As the technology becomes more mainstream, these people are asking “What else can it do?”

QR codes are one of the marvels of the mobile industry. Originally developed in Japan as a way for companies to keep track of inventory, they caught the attention of advertisers when smart phones entered the field. Now, one can scarcely get away from the codes.

The codes have played a powerful role in helping advertisers engage consumers, but that is hardly all they are good for. While they may be commonplace in their land of birth, the codes are still quite unfamiliar further west, particularly in the U.S. This unfamiliarity breeds a certain mystique that works to piqué the curiosity of those that are exposed to them. Job seekers are among the many that are looking to take advantage of this by using the codes in resumes.

Walter Akana, a personal branding specialist, says that the codes give job seekers an unprecedented advantage when looking for employment. The codes can quickly connect employers with a profile of their potential employee. This alone can leave a lasting impression and mean the difference between employment and unemployment.

Akana warns that investing time in such an effort only to have it fail could do more harm than good. Proper education on how the codes work is fundamental before putting them to use. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will be successful. The codes are still new in America and, therefore, not everyone knows how to use them.

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