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As of the start of December of last year, the first insurance product to be available in Ghana and West Africa over mobile, Tigo Family Care Insurance, along with Vanguard Life have made over 100 insurance claim payments to its policyholders.

Tigo will provide payments within 72 hours of receipt of all of the necessary documentation for claims made by its policyholders, and has now announced that it will be using Tigo Cash – a mobile cash product – to help enhance the speed and reliability of those payments.

This new payment option became effective as of last week, allowing policyholders to receive funds from their claim payouts directly to their smartphones so that they may withdraw it from any Tigo Customer Service Center or Tigo Cash Agent around the world.

Tigo Family Care Insurance is a form of life insurance product available through Tigo and Vanguard Life, which provides policyholders with coverage should that individual or a family member die.

Many insurance companies are jumping on board with more ways to go mobile. This is the first that we have heard of, getting a claims check through your phone, but industries from A to Z are finding that mobile applications are what consumers want, as well as providing that competative edge so badly needed. Article provided by Live Insurance News and technology trends.

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