Threads app briefly appears on Google Play as Meta’s Twitter rival

Threads app - Smartphone with Google Play displayed

Screenshots showed that users would be able to log in to the Twitter competitor using an Instagram account.

Recent screenshots showed that the Threads app, Meta’s competition for Twitter, briefly appeared on Google Play at the start of July.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who commonly spots unreleased features buried in code, shared the images.

According to the screenshots, people will be able to sign into the Threads app by logging in with their Instagram account. Moreover, from there, they can sync the accounts they follow from one application to the other.

Threads app - Person at Instagram login screen on phone

The screenshots were first shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer better known for the unreleased features he spots in applications by digging into their code. They tweeted at the start of the month that Meta’s alternative to Twitter had popped onto the Google Play store temporarily. Due to its short appearance, it is assumed that the release on the Play store was a mistake. At the time of the writing of this article, the application had not returned.

Paluzzi shared a number of different screenshots of the Threads app listing on Google Play.

A number of the UI elements were shared in the screenshots. For instance, the login screen, with details about options users can use to access the application. Another screen showed a list of the followed accounts that can be shared from Instagram, to make it easy to follow the same people on the Twitter rival.

According to the screenshots, the Threads app looks strikingly like Twitter. It appears that posts will have a character count restriction and a counter will be available on the screen to let users know how much they have typed so far and how close they are to the limit. There is also a paperclip that will allow attachments of whatever files the application will permit to be shared along with each post.

The posts themselves will feature typical icons for replying, reposting, liking and sharing. User images in the Threads app will be displayed in little circles. The blue checkmarks similar to Instagram and Twitter will also be included in the experience.

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