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Technology news rumors suggest the next iPhone will be out in June

The most recent predictions being made by experts and bloggers in the mobile industry suggest that the iPhone 5S will be debuted on June 20.

These predictions align with the typical launch cycles of previous iPhones, with initial news of these new mobile devices showing up in the early days of spring or summer.

Wall Street analysts suggest that June 20 is a reasonable date to expect the launch of the latest iteration of the iPhone or some information about the new smartphone, at least.

 Sony takes aim at Google with its own augmented reality glasses

Google Glass is becoming less unique in the technology market as other companies begin to introduce their own take on augmented reality glasses.

Sony recently applied for new patents concerning its own pair of augmented reality glasses.

The actual capabilities of Sony’s augmented reality glasses have not yet been revealed. Given Sony’s involvement in the game industry, however, it may be a safe bet that the glasses could have some application in gaming. 

Mobile payments solution forms through new Western Union partnership

Western Union has just entered into a deal with the Nigerian company called Virtual Terminal Network in order to provide a mobile payments solution to consumers in the country.

The new payment platform the companies are developing, customers will be able to make mobile payments and money transfers of up to $300.

Mobile solutions may be an ideal way to promote bank accounts among Nigerian consumers, as only 30% of the adult population currently have bank accounts.  

QR codes mystery in Montgomery has been solved

Mysterious QR codes have been appearing throughout the downtown area of Montgomery, Alabama, leaving many to question what these codes could mean.

The mystery has been unraveled, revealing that the codes were being used to promote a local seminar meant to open up dialogue for creative solutions for modern challenges.

The group behind the endeavor, TedX, claims that QR codes are an effective way to generate interest among consumers. 

QR codes may see the dawning of a new era from Visualead and Qurify

Visualead, a designer of visual QR codes, has announced its acquisition of Qurify, a popular QR code generator.

Through the acquisition, Visualead will be able to incorporate the Qurify engine into its structure, leveraging the engine’s comprehensive QR code generation capabilities.

The Qurify generator is expected to help streamline Visualead’s QR code creation


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