The world’s first interactive music video

Shin-B QR Code Video
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Shin-B QR Code Video

Marketers all over the wolrd have been focusing on tapping into the growing mobile consumer base. As mobile devices come to establish a new standard for customer experience, marketers have been incorporating new ways to provide dynamic content. Typically, the attention of mobile users is seized by QR codes.

The codes have played a pivatol role in the emergence of the mobile marketing industry. There are those that have been slow to incorporate QR codes, however, as they have long been considered a marketing medium limited to print material. The music industry, disinclined to rest on its laurels, is pioneering QR code use in music videos.

Shin-B, a hip-hop rapper based in Los Angeles, California, along with DuNo Tran, an aspiring film, TV, and commercial director, have produced the world’s first interactive music video. The video features Shin-B’s first single “Get Up And Go” along with a barrage of QR codes. Using stylized digital elements, the codes take on an ethereal presence throughout the video, adding allure to their quirky appearance.

The codes link to Shin-B’s website, through which fans can participate in a number of contests to win prizes. The interesting thing about the video is the sheer amount of QR codes that are used. Approximately 40 scannable codes are used in the video, each linking to the contests on Shin-B’s website. One code is used to link to her YouTube page, where fans can subscribe for updates and listen to other songs.

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