The value of old commerce knowledge for new in store mobile marketing

QR Codes Mobile Marketing

QR Codes Mobile Marketing

The technology may be different but many of the lessons are still valuable.

With the rapid growth of the retail industry and the impact of in store mobile marketing and other forms of virtual and mobile commerce, it is important to be able to keep up with the very latest, without forgetting what has been learned from older techniques.

The key is to know how the virtual and physical worlds can merge for a new and stronger paradigm.

Retailers need to understand how the experience of the customer can be solidified through the improvement of what has already been used in combination with the latest channels that are growing in popularity. This will help to increase customer engagement and interaction and will eventually lead to greater sales.

At the moment, we are sitting right on the edge of the collision of multiple worlds. This includes the real-world experience in actual brick and mortar shops, e-commerce, and mobile commerce. Each of these various revenue streams should no longer be considered independent of one another. Instead, they are all coming together and are being used in conjunction with one another.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Therefore online, traditional, and in store mobile marketing must take this into account.

It is no longer the case that just because a consumer happens to be inside a shop, he or she cannot interact with that company online, or compare prices with competing businesses. Mobile websites have opened up an entire universe to consumers, even while they’re already within a certain shop location.

The ads, offers, and other communications made to customers while they are inside a shop must, therefore, encourage those individuals to keep their attention within those store walls. They must make the prices and products more appealing than the competition that is as convenient to access as the smartphones in their hands.

Perhaps more importantly is that the in store mobile marketing must align with the advertising and offers that are available through all of the other channels. If pricing or offers from the virtual world conflict with what is available at the actual locations, it will only cause frustration and confusion and may lead customers to turn to more simple and user friendly shopping opportunities. All of these worlds should now be considered one and must work together as seamlessly as possible.


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