The top rules for effective social marketing

Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing
Social marketing is a vital part of any business or brand’s marketing mix, and it is important that execs and marketers alike recognize the top rules for keeping up with the latest and make sure that marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

To execute a marketing strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other top social media networks, there are six rules that should be acknowledged:

• The social media sandbox is growing – Though Facebook continues its rein over the social media marketplace, there are a number of other emerging platforms that are already reaching millions of users each month, including Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, and others, which should not be ignored.

• Social networks are a tremendous way to engage with consumers – This is, by far, the top marketing channel for offering a direct way to communicate with current and prospective customers in an effective two-way medium.

• Social media marketing should complement, not replace traditional techniques – Though social media marketing is very powerful, the top branding medium remains television. Other traditional techniques still play an important role in a marketing mix.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


• Superior content is more important than the number of followers – Although it is good to have a large fan base, it is much better to have one that is smaller, but more active. Make sure that the content you publish will generate engagement with your followers.

• Target content to a localized market – Show customers that they matter by targeting content as much as possible, and provide localized content through useful information, discount coupons, sales, statistics, etc.

• Look out for emerging trends – New developments in the digital world will alter what will be relevant and possible for your target audience. Keep on top of these key trends as they appear for both social media and the rest of your marketing strategy.

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