The Road Code may cause further struggles in the future of QR codes

Road Code

Road Code

QR codes have been struggling with a great deal of bad press attention recently due to some of the limitations associated with them, prompting the creation of The Road Code, by Paul Brocky and Tom Catuosco, which may put a dent in QR code popularity.

The Road Code is aimed at consumers who are on the go, making information sharing much easier, safer, and more effective than it is through the use of QR codes. It provides users with free 4-character numeric codes with which they can create their own customized mini websites, or they can simply use a website redirect in the same way that QR barcodes currently function.

In order to allow the Road Codes to work one must remember a unique 4-digit code to enter it into the Road Code app using their mobile phones, or they can record it and enter it online when they reach their destinations and are no longer driving. This eliminates the necessity of scanning the code or trying to remember a long URL.

Therefore, unlike QR codes, Road Codes can be posted on billboards that can be seen by drivers who can safely use them because all they need to do is remember the four characters instead of actually having to use their devices to scan a barcode while they’re behind the wheel. This overcomes a problem that QR codes face by providing a safer alternative to scanning the barcodes while driving – a behavior that has caused many locations ban them from outdoor media.

According to The Road Code co-owner, Paul Brocky, the latest negative news against QR codes has provided his company with “an opportunity for us to fill a void in that market and create a product that is easier to use, more effective and better looking.”

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