The importance of having a QR code scanning app on a mobile device

QR Codes

QR Codes
QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, from television commercials to billboards and from newspaper adds to business cards, but without having the right reader app on a mobile phone, they are nothing more than an unusable series of dark and light squares.

Newspapers and magazines are allowing advertisers to include QR codes so that readers can discover more information about promotions or about a featured product. Similarly, when placed in an article, readers can learn more information about a story, receive updated information about that topic, or can use a link to make comments about what they have read.

This allows a publication to get the most out of the limited space it has on each page. It also allows an advertiser to space the ad ideally for the viewer without having to sacrifice the information that is being provided, as further details can be accessed through the use of the QR code.


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According to the NikoHapa Ventures Ltd. CEO, Bernard Owour, the barcode technology is exceptionally helpful in the industry as it provides an unlimited amount of space in which advertisers can brand their products and in which individuals can provide information through their business cards.

Instead of a blank space on the reverse of a business card, it now provides a window to all of the data that an individual wants to share with the recipients of the card.

QR codes may work like a typical barcode, but their potential is much greater as they can redirect users to a virtually unlimited range of different types of content, such as online product and service catalogs, videos, links, and any other form of information.

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