The challenges, hopes and technology of NFC

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So why has Apple taken the path of least resistance in NFC technology?

Many have been asking this question as well as what is NFC technology and how will it affect me? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a feature that’s come under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years but is quickly emerging as the one piece of technology we simply cannot live without.

Tap without Apps

NFC enables us to use our phones to pay for products, to pick up information with a tap and to share links and files. There’s still a long way to go to enable different models to communicate effectively however it is currently taking the world by storm.

The focus of course is on Apple as users and experts wonder why they have yet to embrace NFC technology. It’s obviously less cumbersome than QR codes, it needs no apps to be downloaded and if any phone could utilise it you would assume a smartphone could. However, when the iPhone 5 was unveiled there wasn’t a NFC in sight, yet there was one peculiar update, the passbook.

Will Apple Triumph where Google Failed?

The iPhone passbook is almost identical to the Google wallet launched some time before. NFC was an essential part of the new Google feature as without it would never work. So why are Apple launching a service that needs NFC technology in order to operate smoothly without embracing the technology itself?

Apple should never be underestimated as although they have been pinned to the post with a few features they are consistent in their inventiveness. They never do let us down and they’re always the leaders in smartphone technology. Their secrecy has us intrigued as we strongly believe that the iPhone 6 will incorporate NFC in all its Technicolor glory.

We may be letting our imaginations run away with themselves but it’s not hard to see how Apple will use his indispensable feature. Already they have they have the platforms now they just need to integrate the feature seamlessly so they can adopt it as their own.

One Key for All Doors

NFC Technology

Soon, using NFC technology consumers will be able to open car doors, even start an engine, and unlock anything using their smartphones. Unlike QR codes people don’t have to spend time scanning they simply tap and go.

It certainly seems to be the future and with a hundred million phones already having the technology it is set to grow. It could quite possible change the face of advertising, printing and become the future for the consumer – the possibilities are endless.

For now we adore NFC for its ability to store information that takes just one tap to obtain. Such as the NFC business cards from TapMyBiz that put your details directly into your target’s contact list!

Artcile submitted by, Laurent Flaster

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