The future of health care may be in the hands of augmented reality and NFC technology

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Ergonomidesign, a leading design consultancy firm, has revealed what the future of health care system may look like. A team of researchers from the firm have created a new system that combines the emerging trends in technology, life and health science, and social networking. Much of the system makes use of augmented reality technology to handle high detail displays of information. The physical aspects of the system use NFC technology as a way to enable quick communications between patients and health care professionals. To see the firm’s creation, it looks more like science fiction than anything else, but Ergonomidesign claims that this system could be in place as soon as 2015.

In the U.S. the health care system is already poised to become electronic. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 set the framework for this new system and both the medical and insurance industry have been working to adapt. Ergonomidesign has taken the whole deal a step further, using cutting-edge technology to make the system more intuitive and dynamic.

The company’s idea revolves around augmented reality, NFC technology and small, real-time sensors attached to people’s skin. These sensors can track the health of those wearing them. Doctors can download the information contained in these sensors using NFC-enabled devices. The sensors have been given the name “miniME” and could become very popular in the health care community. The company believes that the system could be widely used by 2015, if the health industry were inclined to embrace technology.

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