The future of 3D and augmented reality to be discussed at the B.TWEEN3D forum in London


3D technology has come a long way since it was first developed in the 1960’s. Through the years, it has evolved to become more sophisticated, yet only recently has the technology seen widespread interest from both businesses and consumers.

As a standalone offering, 3D has garnered little of that interest on through its own merits, as is evidenced in the short-lived 3D movie phenomena that is now all but abandoned save for one stubborn filmmaker. When paired with augmented reality, however, 3D becomes something else. The blending of this two technologies has not gone without notice, and tech-giant Sony will be hosting an event to explore the applications of these technologies.

Some of the brightest minds from the most prestigious technology companies in the world will be gathering in London, England, later this month. They are flocking to the UK to attend the B.TWEEN 3D conference, an interactive forum entirely backed by Sony. Some of the latest in augmented reality technology will be showcased at the event, but the primary aim is to spark innovative thinking in the 3D-AR industry.


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The entire event will be riddled with sensory triggers, QR codes and AR installations. A holographic, artificial intelligence welcome desk is to be used at the event, which will both show off how far augmented reality technology has come and serve as a guide for attendees.

The forum is scheduled to begin on July 21st. What new inspirations will be born from the event are yet to be seen, but the technology on display may be an adequate muse for those attending.

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