The Downsides of Dating Apps, and How to Overcome Them

The Downsides of Dating Apps, and How to Overcome Them

In today’s digital world, dating apps are helping people find dates at the click of a few buttons or taps on their mobile devices. Their popularity continues to soar each year. While these apps have their advantages in finding love on the internet, they also have their downsides. Here are some of the downsides of dating sites and how you can overcome them.

Statistics on Dating Apps

An Australian survey discovered that about 60% of the participants were regular users of dating sites. And out of that number, 25% of them said they were able to find long-term relationships through dating apps. A different survey carried out by the ABC also found encouraging feedback about dating sites — 35% of the participants said that they had met their current lovers through dating sites.

Unfortunately, statistics on popular dating apps such as Tinder can also give different impressions. It emerged that Tinder users have a low probability of finding love through the app.

Some statistics show that ladies find dates on Tinder just only 10% of the time. The figure for men is much lower than you might think — men find Tinder dates only 0.6% of the time.

The explanation for this wide disparity in love-finding by the two genders is that ladies are more selective in choosing partners than men. Nevertheless, determined men don’t give up until they find their perfect partners online. If you’re looking for an alternative dating option, here you can find more.

Statistics on Dating Apps

Disadvantages of Dating Apps 

Despite the numerous opportunities presented by dating apps to modern society, they are not totally safe. So, people need to be extra careful when seeking love on the internet.

The grim statistics mentioned above for men and dating apps vividly illustrate that online dating sites are in no way a guarantee for meeting your soulmate. You may well find a match, but that match may not lead to a committed relationship.

How hurtful will it be for you to find out that the online dating partner you have fallen in love with, is seeing 2 or 3 other online partners behind your back? Well, it may not be a great feeling. But that’s something you should expect to be realistic about when you are using dating sites. You are likely to sign up for a long-distance relationship that will take a while before you get to meet your partner in person.

There is also the nightmare of rejection. For people who are not used to rejection, online dating sites can expose them to negative emotions. They may well meet a partner they adore but who’s not interested in establishing a working relationship with them. The fear of a broken heart is ever-present on online dating apps. Therefore, always prepare yourself for any disappointing outcomes.

One other disadvantage of dating apps is that it can be hard to know who your partner really is. The internet is full of fake people who will do anything to hide their true identities. You may have to make video calls with your partner in order to ascertain their real identity.

 All in all, this means that if you are not careful with dating sites, they can expose you to scammers or even more dangerous people. Always ensure that your first meeting with your partner takes place in a safe public place.

In summary, dating apps are a blessing to those hunting for love. However, they also have their downsides as explained above.

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