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Mobile Commerce Trends
According to an LEK Consulting study, mobile commerce is rapidly sweeping its way across the United States, with 80 percent of smartphone users having stated that they have already used their mobile devices to assist in making a choice regarding a purchase within the last year, and two-thirds have actually bought something through their device.

Furthermore, an ever-increasing number of mobile shopping apps are providing consumers on the go with new and improved methods of performing price comparisons across various channels and stores. This is encouraging customers to discover the best deals available to them.

The report released by LEK Consulting, which included the results of their study, was called “The Marketplace of the Mobile Consumer: What to Expect.” The data it compiled was based on a survey in which 1,600 American consumers had participated.

It found that smartphone owners regularly use their mobile devices for shopping. Not including video and music downloads, 39 percent stated that they used their device to purchase a product at least every month. Moreover, those regular mobile shoppers were in a younger age group, as two thirds of individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 were in that category, in comparison with the 45 to 64 age group, of which only 31 percent were in that category.

The survey also discovered that active smartphone users regularly use shopping apps to find deals and discounts and claimed to have used a mobile device for this purpose within the past six months while they were shopping in-store. More than half of active smartphone users have a minimum of one coupon app, and almost one third have used a price comparison tool.

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