Texas town going BIG with QR code campaign

New Wichita Falls Campaign

Wichita Falls has revealed their new website today by the Chamber of Commerce. The site is specifically designed to cater to the use of their new QR code. The initiative is two-pronged, with one site a .com for visitors on computers, and another a streamlined mobile website for those scanning the code. The site is part of the “Pride in the Falls” campaign and the City of Wichita Falls and its associates hope to bring in tourists through their use of technology.

“It will be a wonderful first glimpse of the city overall,” says Carla Bolin, Vice President of community-wide marketing at the Chamber of Commerce. The website functions as a resource, offering comprehensive information on businesses, events, and other recreational activities.

The development comes from a need for the city to cut down on the somewhat cluttered versions of their previous websites and is designed to be a central hub for everything Wichita Falls.


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The site will also feature sections for interaction from the community, such as a calendar for events and even a place to share experiences regarding the city.

Bolin states that the site will appear at the top of search indexes within seven to eight days,

“We want to have a maximum impact on what they see and how they perceive us,” she says.

More cities across America are opting to use QR codes in their initiatives to attract tourists, hoping that the use of technology will draw in a crowd previously unreached or uninterested.

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