Tesco begins testing PowaTag mobile payments app

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New test aims to see how PowaTag can engage mobile consumers visiting Tesco

Tesco, the UK supermarket giant, has launched a one-week test of new mobile payments technology from Powa. The retailer will be using the PowaTag application in order to facilitate mobile transactions from customers. Tesco has become very interested in mobile commerce in recent years and was one of the first in the UK to experiment with “pop-up” stores. These stores use QR codes to sell products to consumers using mobile devices.

App can scan QR codes and facilitate mobile transactions

The PowaTag app is a shopping platform that can also read QR codes. Tesco will be testing the app at its Dean Street store in London, gauging consumer interest in mobile commerce. The testing period will help Tesco see how it can speed up the purchasing process and reduce wait times for consumers. Tesco may continue to expand mobile commerce support to its other store locations based on its findings from its current test with PowaTag.

Mobile commerce continues to thrive throughout the United Kingdom

mobile payments EuropeMobile commerce has grown rapidly in the UK over the past few years. Many consumers are looking for ways to make their shopping more convenient, and numerous apps and services have been launched to help them accomplish this goal. Many retailers have begun to use QR codes to engage consumers in a new form of commerce. These codes can be associated with products and, when scanned, can activate a purchase through a mobile device. The codes can also be used to find more information concerning the products they are associated with.

PowaTag is currently competing with various other mobile commerce platforms that are vying for the attention of consumers

The results of Tesco’s test may determine whether or not the retailer will be using PowaTag in the future. PowaTag is one of many mobile payment services that are currently available throughout the United Kingdom. No single mobile payment service has yet attained the support of the majority of consumers, as people seem to jump from one service to the next as their needs change.

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