Technology news shows BBM head exec is leaving the company

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This is only one of the latest of the leaders to depart the troubled handset manufacturer.

The top exec from BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Andrew Bocking, has now become the latest technology news in a string of the heads of the company to step away from the smartphone manufacturer.

That said, the company isn’t expressing very much concern about the departure of Bocking.

According to a technology news statement from a spokesperson at the company, Rebecca Freiburger, “I can confirm that Andrew Bocking, EVP, BBM has made the decision to leave BlackBerry. We thank him for his years of leadership and contribution.” She also stated that the president of Global Enterprise Solutions, John Sims, was going to be adding the team at BBM to his organization.

This technology news doesn’t come as a surprise to many as Sims has extensive mobile messaging experience.

blackberry messenger bbmThe head of BlackBerry, John Chen, has already been implementing widespread and wholesale alterations to the executive offices in the company. He has been doing this steadily since back in November when he took over as both CEO and chairman of the organization. This was a considerable shift in leadership at the company that saw a detrimental year throughout 2012.

Beyond the high number of different long term execs who have been departing the company, Chen has also managed to draw a number of fresh ones. They have now taken on their own positions within the company and they include a range of people with whom he has already worked in the past.

BBM is a highly popular messaging service. It is free to its users and does not use advertising as a part of its function. It has recently made technology news as it has expanded to other mobile operating systems beyond BlackBerry’s own O.S. That said, this is a service that Chen has suggested that he is hoping to monetize as it is among the more successful ventures of the company, at the moment. That said, while he has been open about the fact that he is hoping to start to generate revenue from BBM, he has not indicated how they intend to achieve this.

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