Technology news rumors suggest the next iPhone will be out in June

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iphone technology newsThe latest consensus appears to be that the Apple 5S model will be unveiled on June 20.

Though, as per Apple’s typical style, the actual unveiling date of its next smartphone has not been revealed, the most recent predictions being made by experts and bloggers in the industry show that the iPhone 5S will be debuted on June 20.

This will also mean that the shipping of the device is likely to start at the beginning of July.

This technology news prediction aligns itself very well with the typical launches of iPhone devices, which often occur in the early days of the summer season. Should this forecast be accurate, it will mean that the 5S model will be released only 8 months after its predecessor, the iPhone 5, first saw the light of day.

This technology news likely can’t come fast enough with the threat of the competition around.

Samsung has been building a tremendous amount of momentum over its Galaxy S4, so it is likely that Apple is very keen to work itself back into the smartphone technology news headlines as soon as possible. Apple doesn’t like being out of the spotlight for long, and will not want to have the momentum of its own latest device threatened by its leading competitors.

The technology news prediction that the iPhone 5S would be released on June 20 is a rumor that first started on the Japanese Apple fanzine called MacFan. However, a number of Wall Street analysts have stated that this is a reasonable date to expect the launch, as it remains consistent with a great deal of the data that they have obtained from sources that are knowledgeable about the activities and trends of the manufacturer. This includes participants in the supply chain in Asia.

That said, the unveiling date technology news does not include any speculation regarding the features that will likely be included in the iPhone 5S. It was directed only at the time that it will first be seen by the public, before its shipments begin so that it can be sold to its eager fans and loyal consumers.

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