Technology news made as Amazon opens a China Appstore

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technology newsMany people are expecting that this announcement will come ahead of a release of Kindle in the country.

A massive technology news announcement was made on April 17 by, when it stated that it would be expanding its Appstore for Android to almost 200 countries, but at that time, China was not included among them.

However, that story has changed as the company has now announced the opening of the store.

As of May 4, Android device users in China have been able to take advantage of this technology news and download the Amazon Appstore. This move is being interpreted by many as a precursor to the release of Kindle ereaders and Kindle Fire tablets within the country. That said, the company has yet to make any announcements regarding the release of those devices.

All that Amazon will say regarding this technology news is that it “does not speculate on future plans.”

This is only the most recent mobile technology news that has come from Amazon, which has been making headlines quite consistently over the last while. The latest big announcement was the launch of its Kindle ereading app for Android and iPhone for China. That release occurred in December.

China is a very important market when it comes to mobile technology news. It is the second biggest mobile device marketplace for ebooks. Renub Research has determined that it is in second place only behind the United States for ereaders. That same firm has predicted that by the end of 2014, the worldwide sale of ereaders will reach 6 billion. It has also said that the sale of these devices in China is expected to steadily climb, until it will reach the point that it will equal the United States before the end of next year.

Nearly at the same time that Amazon made the technology news announcement that it was opening its Appstore in China, it also revealed that it was launching a Chinese language app developer site version. The company declined to say how many apps are currently available in its new Appstore for China, except to say that it has a “good number” and that it is “growing on a daily basis.”

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