Weird gadgets unveiled at CES 2023

Best of CES 2023 - The Verge - YouTube

There was some seriously strange technology at the event this year, but that’s part of what makes it great. While many people attended and watched updates from the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2023 for the coolest and best technology, there’s always a special place in everyone’s hearts for the weirdest gadgets. This year was seen as the true return of the event after last year was weak and 2021 was entirely virtual. CES 2023 in Las Vegas was packed and while many of the larger announcements made were already anticipated…

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The State of the Internet of Things in 2023

internet of things

The State of the Internet of Things in 2023 with each other seemed the next logical step after the explosion of the internet and improvements in both internet speeds and reliability. This reality has not panned out yet, and it might seem that it is doomed. But is it, or have we achieved what we sought to do without realizing it?  Big Challenges The biggest challenges to IoT lie in what it intended to do. To ensure the connected world it envisioned, we need to deploy a high level of…

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The Ring Car Cam was just unveiled and is available for pre-order

Ring Car Cam - Dual-Facing Dash Security Camera - Motion Recording and Real-Time Alerts - Ring - YouTube - 1

The device isn’t much of a surprise as it was announced two years ago, but it can finally be purchased. Over two years ago, the Ring Car Cam was first unveiled, and now the long-awaited device is finally available for purchase – through pre-order. The gadget is a conventional dashcam, only through the familiar brand and its popular app. The first launch was made on and in the United States. It was available for pre-order for $199.99, which is a discount of $50 less than what the full…

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Will US follow EU in allowing 5G calls from mobile devices on planes?

Mobile devices - airplane mode

The European Commission has voted to permit voice calling from phones on commercial flights. Travelers in Europe will soon be able to use 5G enabled mobile devices to make voice calls on commercial flights without being instructed by a flight attendant to place it into Airplane Mode. The European Commission recently ruled to permit 5G voice calling and high-speed internet connectivity on airplanes in 2023. The decision is being applauded as an important opportunity for businesses operating out of Europe. “The sky is no longer a limit when it comes…

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Are voice assistants about to fade away?

Voice Assistant - How Can I Help You

As popular as they have been, they’re not nearly as profitable as many people think they are. By the end of 2021, about half of all US internet users had at least one voice assistant equipped device such as a smart speaker. That said, according to a recent report, Alexa, Amazon’s version of the technology, is aligned for a loss of $10 billion this year. This massive loss that is expected to happen is calling the future of the entire industry into question. The technology may be popular, but it…

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