TagMyDoc service launches, enabling tech-savvy individuals to stamp a QR code on their documents


A new online service has launched for those interested in plastering QR codes on their documents. TagMyDoc aims to help those familiar with QR codes to incorporate the mobile technology into their printed materials, whatever they may be. The service, while still in beta testing, may appeal to both college students and job seekers alike, as it will give these people access to a powerful promotional tool. At present, the service is free, though that may change in the future depending on how successful it ends up becoming.

QR codes have become a very popular tool for marketers looking to engage a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. In this sense, the codes have been quite successful. While the codes are still somewhat unrecognizable to consumers at large, more people are becoming familiar with the blocky barcodes. The appeal of the codes has not been lost to individuals, as the codes have become a popular form of personal branding and promotion.

TagMyDoc allows users to place a QR code on any electronic document, whether it is a text document or a picture. The codes generated by the service will expire after 14 days for those without an account. Accounts are free to make via the website. The service is still in beta testing and those wishing to give feedback may do so from the website.

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