6 Things Your Next Zoom Call Needs

video zoom call and what you need

Zoom calls are all the rage right now, love them or loathe them!  If you’re looking for a way to make your next Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, or Teams Meet a little more bearable and run a little smoother, check out these six things you need for your next call.   Live Voice Transcriptions  Not being able to hear what’s being said is one of the biggest bugbears of Zoom calls across the world. This is usually down to the poor audio quality, but users who are hard of hearing…

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Zoom security is about the same as “malware”, say experts

Zoom Security - Family using video streaming

The company’s rate of daily use has risen by 535 percent over the last month, but privacy isn’t high. Zoom security has been called into question as the app’s use has exploded over the last month due to the number of people who are following stay-at-home orders. According to security researchers, the app is essentially a “privacy disaster”. The app’s daily use has risen by 535 percent over the past month, but researchers are saying that Zoom security is a “privacy disaster”. This is a direct result of the lockdowns…

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