YouTube monetization changes make it harder for new and lesser-known creators to earn

youtube monetization

The Google-owned video sharing service has made its monetizing regulations tougher again. The YouTube monetization regulations are getting tougher again, making it harder for video creators to reach the minimum requirements for earning. The new rules go beyond the number of views threshold implemented in 2017 for the Partner Program. The new YouTube monetization rules require that a channel must have at least 10,000 views to apply for the Partner Program, which was made in a change last year. However, now creators must also have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers…

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Mobile video advertising is exploding in popularity

mobile video advertising

The growth rate for these ads is so rapid it is surprising that users haven’t heard a sonic boom. A tremendous spark has ignited the mobile video advertising and it has caught fire in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This form of mobile marketing is proving to be highly effective among consumers in those countries. This is driving companies brands and marketers to direct their funds into a range of different forms of advertising that take advantage of video. A recent report showed that advertisers are looking…

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YouTube marketing will look different to viewers next year

Youtube marketing creators big & small

Google has announced that it will be making significant changes to reduce advertising irritation among users. In an effort to boost the viewing experience, YouTube marketing will be undergoing some considerable changes in 2018. The team is already seeking to bring an end to the forms of advertising that are most annoying to viewers. Google, YouTube’s owner, will soon put an end to certain forms of unskippable advertisements. Among the most common forms of YouTube marketing at the moment are the advertisements that run before, mid-roll and after a video…

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Top 3 Ways that YouTubers are successfully engaging viewers

Justin head social media marketing mogix giveaway

When done right, video bloggers can be experts in social media marketing with hugely effective traffic generation. YouTubers are some of the top leaders when it comes to social media marketing, but just because a video is posted on YouTube, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will generate the desired results. There are certain techniques and social marketing strategies that must be employed for traffic generation and engagement. Some video bloggers have paid attention to what truly works and have built social media marketing strategies on YouTube that generate a…

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Social media marketing will come out on top at the Brazil World Cup

brazil 2014 world cup social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all expected to cash in on ads in a big way. The World Cup is exploding with excitement and as everything comes together for this massive soccer event in Brazil, social media marketing is already making a tremendous splash in advertising and is expected to become more important than it ever has been before throughout these games. Television and radio have always been tremendously important, but mobile and social are stepping into the battle. Social media marketing is taking off at full force for the…

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