Augmented reality headset in the works for Xbox

xbox mobile commerce augmented reality

The rumors are that Microsoft is headed toward its own form of this wearable technology. It has rapidly become clear that wearable technology and augmented reality solutions are going to become the main tech headlines throughout this year and the companies in the industry are all working hard to make sure that they have their own offerings and won’t be left behind. Microsoft had not been one of them, but now the rumors are starting to fly about a 3D head mounted display. Reports from respected publications such as the…

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Microsoft patent outlines plans for augmented reality device

Xbox augmented reality

Microsoft could be next in line to develop augmented reality glasses Google is not the only technology company interested in augmented reality. Microsoft has begun examining the viability of augmented reality in the gaming sector. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published a new patent application from the company concerning the use of a head-mounted device that leverages augmented reality technology. The patent suggests that the device could be used with Microsoft’s gaming consoles, with the most likely candidate being the forthcoming Xbox One. AR continues to gain attention…

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Microsoft files patent for new augmented reality project

Augmented Reality Glasses

Microsoft is the latest addition to technology companies working on developing head-mounted augmented reality devices. The company has recently filed a patent for a new AR headset. The company has been very selective about the information it is sharing regarding its new project, but the device may be used for next generation gaming platforms. Early this year, news arose of Microsoft working on the Xbox 720, the successor to the massively successful Xbox 360. Given the company’s latest patent filing, the possibility of a new Xbox console may not be…

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