QR codes are playing a growing role in weddings

Wedding qr codes

Quick response codes are making their way into a number of different places for that special day. Newlyweds are always being offered a growing number of different options to consider to make their wedding days special, and now QR codes are including themselves among them, as the couples seek to make their event a mobile friendly one. The use of quick response codes is starting as early as the announcement of the actual wedding date. Couples have been very creative in the way that they have been using QR codes…

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Thankster offers high tech dynamic greetings for thank you cards through QR codes

QR Code Greeting Cards

Thankster has announced that it is now offering “thank you” and other greetings through its online store, which uses QR codes. This allows the company’s customers to offer their thanks for holiday gifts and experiences this year by sending dynamic multimedia experiences that are accessible through QR codes, enhancing what the recipient will receive from a traditional thank you note cared. These barcodes are printed on a conventional card and provides a simple way to share videos, photos, and other online features. According to the CEO of Thankster, Paul Geller,…

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