Wearable technology based mobile payments trial launched by Singapore LTA

wearable technology wristband example

The system is hoping for the successful use of wearables in order to pay for bus and train fares. A six month trial has just begun in Singapore by its Land Transport Authority (LTA), in which it is testing out a form of wearable technology in the form of a Smartband that has a digital CEPAS card encoded within it in order to allow it to pay for transit fare on buses and trains, and to take books out of the library. There will be 200 commuters who will be…

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Wearable technology brings clothing and NFC technology together

wearable technology visa paywave mobile payments power suit

A new development from a high end tailor in Australia could allow mobile payments to be made through clothing. When it comes to wearable technology, it can feel as though nothing is impossible, and according to MJ Bale, a high end tailor in Australia, their Power Suit which is enabled with NFC technology can make it possible for its wearer to complete a contactless mobile payments transaction without ever having to touch a credit card or wave a smartphone. This premium high tech clothing uses the Visa payWave system, which…

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