Wearable technology could play a role in mobile commerce

wearable technology watch mobile commerce

Wearable devices may one day become prominent mobile commerce platforms Mobile commerce is becoming more common throughout the world, and this is making people more comfortable with the idea of paying for things with their smartphones and tablets. Soon, smartphones will not be the only way that people can participate in mobile commerce, as wearable devices are beginning to show off their digital commerce abilities. Brian Scott, vice president of the Members Group, recently highlighted the potential for wearable devices to serve as mobile commerce platforms at an event. For…

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Wearable technology now has a heat generating shirt in its category

thermometer - wearable technology

With wintry weather on its way, clothing that produces its own warmth may be an appealing opportunity. A new shirt is now heating up the wearable technology category, as the FuelWear Flame Base layer has now been unveiled as a product that warms itself in order to keep the wearer’s body temperature at exactly the desired temperature. This wearable device can be worn for several hours, depending on the amount of heat it must generate. This wearable technology shirt will continue to provide the wearer with warmth for anywhere from…

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App puts a new spin on wearable technology

augmented reality glasses google wearable technology

Google Glass gets a new app that allows users to control it with their minds A new application for Google Glass could change the way people take pictures with a mobile device. The new app is called MindRDR and is developed by This Place, a firm based in the United Kingdom. The app makes use of a biosensor that is designed to measure signals from the brain. These signals are then translated into commands that tell Glass how to operate. Such an app could change the way people use Glass…

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Google shows off new wearable technology at I/O conference

google glass wearable technology

Google sheds some light on its future with wearable technology and other projects Google recently held its latest “Google I/O” conference, highlighting some of the company’s upcoming technological innovations. During the conference, Google unveiled its new Android operating system as well as a variety of wearable devices, a new “smart TV,” and even technology for vehicles. The wearable devices unveiled by Google generated significant buzz because of the company’s growing interest in augmented reality technology and other interactive tools. The conference served as a glimpse into Google’s future, showing that…

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Wearable technology is evolving quickly and immediately

smartwatch wearables technology

From the futuristic Sony SmartWatch 2 to fashion forward mobile devices, these gadgets are the hottest tech trend. Sony has already established itself as quite the competitor within the mobile tech market over the last short while, particularly through their waterproof Xperia Z phones, but it is their smartwatches that are helping them to create a true name for themselves, as wearable technology is among the hottest trends currently going. Sony is currently seeking to sell its laptop brand called Vaio and to convert their TV branch into a subsidiary.…

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