Athletic wearable technology is now available for horses

horse athletic wearable technology

It may not be the Apple Watch but equine wearables may help improve both animal training and health. The athletic wearable technology industry is continuing its rapid growth among humans, but now horses are also benefiting from the tech. While wrist-worn pedometers and heart rate monitors have become commonplace for people to wear, a German startup called HorseAnalytics is using devices to enhance equestrian sports. The goal of these wearables is to change the way we understand horse care and training. The equine athletic wearable technology provides detailed data collection,…

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Wearable technology for pets is a rapidly growing trend

wearable technology for pets

In fact, a recent report has predicted that by the year 2025, that market will have broken the $2.6 billion mark. While wearable technology may be an exceptionally rapidly growing category when it comes to the various devices that humans are wearing to monitor their activities and health, to take pictures, to access and use apps, and even to receive phone call alerts and texts by way of smartphones, depending on the device. But these wearables aren’t just popular for humans, as products for pets are flying off the shelves.…

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