Wearable technology for babies draws the spotlight at CES

wearable technology baby

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen the unveiling of several devices to let parents track their infants. The 2015 CES, last week brought a broad range of different types of tech into the news, but near the end, what appeared to be making a considerable splash was the wearable technology and trackers that were designed for parents to use with their babies. The Las Vegas based show was the opportunity for many companies to show that even babies can have wearables. Among those types of wearable technology that was…

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Wearable technology has arrived for “smart” babies

wearable technology Sproutling for baby

The company behind Sproutling has now created wearables for the youngest family members. While it is becoming increasingly commonplace to see mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being carried by adults, teens, and even children, and wearable technology is starting to show up here and there in the form of smartwatches and augmented reality glasses, the business that created Sproutling now believes that the baby in the family can also join this high tech experience. In fact, with that wearable device, an infant could become the most high tech…

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