Wearable technology provides a fashionable way to charge smartphone batteries

smartphone battery wearable mobile technology charger

There are now a range of stylish methods of making sure that mobile devices stay powered up. As much as the majority of us are now at least somewhat dependent on our smartphones, it is not at all uncommon to allow those devices to run out of charge – typically at the most inopportune times – but a new segment of the wearable technology industry is opening up to help to combat this trend. This new form of wearables turns fashion items such as purses into functional mobile battery chargers.…

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Wearable technology: Worn by yesterday’s geeks and today’s trendsetters

augmented reality glasses wearable technology

It wasn’t that long ago – months, in fact – that people were rolling their eyes at Google Glass. It’s not hard to see that wearable technology is still leading the way in terms of tech trends and headlines, with every large event, convention, and trade show featuring these mobile devices above all else. Wristbands, smartwatches, glasses, helmets, gloves, and armbands, among other gadgets, abound. It feels as though every moment brings about a new entry into the wearable technology marketplace. However, these devices have not yet been created equal.…

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Wearable technology fashion show dazzles NYC

3D printed shoes wearable technology

From Google Glass to shoes made in a 3D printer, it looks as though tech based apparel is coming our way. Until very recently, wearable technology was a concept essentially limited to stiff looking smartwatches, fitness tracking wrist bands, stick-ons, and even the occasional necklace pedometer. However, New York City was among the first to see this category transformed into something fashionable. If there’s one thing that could be said about wearable technology of virtually all kinds, until now, it’s that it wasn’t very attractive. As fun and functional as…

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