Wearable technology for your feet offers hot customizable heels

Volvorii Timeles wearable technology shoes

Smart shoes with e-ink allows the design and pattern of the footwear to change by way of the wearer’s smartphone. The Volvorii Timeless isn’t just your average sleek, elegant high heeled shoe, but is instead a type of wearable technology that is actually customizable through the use of a mobile app accessible through a smartphone. These smart shoes have e-ink tech built right into them so that their appearance is highly customizable. At the moment, the project is in its Indigogo campaign phase, but they are not simply a concept…

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Wearable technology devices deemed “too embarrassing”

wearable technology

In the United Kingdom, consumers said that they would be too embarrassed to use wearables. The results of an Apadmi survey have been released, and what they have shown is that in the U.K., one third of all consumers would be too embarrassed to put wearable technology gadgets on and use them in a regular setting, outside. This suggests that before wearables will be able to make it into the mainstream, they will first need a makeover. The survey indicated that a large number of consumers would not be willing…

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Wearable technology is made beautiful for a female market

ringly wearable technology

A new gadget project called Ringly is now bringing higher fashion to this tech. A wearable technology ring called Ringly has just been launched, with the intention to appeal to the female demographic with the choice of several stones and with its 18k gold plating. This ring provides its wearer with a discreet notification of when she has received a call or a text. The concept behind the Ringly is that it combines wearable technology with the everyday accessories that are already being worn by women. This allows these consumers…

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Wearable tech is finally starting to prioritize style

virtual fashion show wearable tech

Major acquisitions are being made to help wearables to become more fashionable and appealing for consumers. One of the most important factors about wearable tech – and yet one that so many of the manufacturers appear to have forgotten in the earliest products – is that these mobile devices actually have to be worn, and because of that, the majority of consumers aren’t going to be interested in dropping hundreds of dollars on something that they consider to be ugly or too weird. Apple’s recent purchase of Beats Electronics is…

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Fashion may dictate the success of wearable technology

Virtual Fashion Shows wearable technology

Fashion has a role to play when it comes to wearable devices Wearable technology is gaining momentum as more tech organizations announce plans for high-tech glasses, watches, and other gadgets. While people have shown a lot of interest in these devices, it is still difficult to say whether wearable devices will become commercially successful. Wearable devices are often billed as convenient and cutting edge, but what may actually determine their success may be whether they can be considered fashionable. Fashion plays a major role in society as a whole. While…

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