Wearable technology devices help Zurich Life promote customer health

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The insurer is the first to launch a pilot program in Ireland geared toward trackable wellness for policyholders. Zurich Life Assurance (Zurich Life) has launched the first ever program in Ireland using wearable technology devices to help policyholders improve their health. This is a trial program being offered to a limited number of Zurich Life policyholders via select financial brokers. The customers will be rewarded for their participation in using the wearable technology devices by receiving cashback on their policy premiums. This reward will be applied if they are able…

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Mobile security is weak among many wearable technology devices

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A recent study has shown that many consumers are choosing affordability over privacy protection. As the size of the wearable technology market continues to grow, and consumers have a rapidly increasing number of devices from which to choose, many people are being swayed by low prices despite the fact that they continue to have concerns over mobile security in these gadgets. New research has revealed that 80 percent of consumers were concerned about privacy related to wearables. The study was conducted by Acquity Group. It showed that while four out…

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Smartwatches are everywhere: the main competitors are battling fiercely

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Even with all of the competition within this market space, there are already some leaders. While the industry for smartwatches remains in its industry, with as these wearable technology devices remain quite rudimentary – despite their considerable technical advancements – and limited, the speed with which it is growing has already allowed certain leaders to be defined and they have managed to generate a considerable amount of hype for themselves. Wearable computing is something that required a definition only a short while ago. Only a handful of months ago would…

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