Augmented reality glasses race heats up between Facebook and Apple

augmented reality glasses facebook youtube apple

The two companies look like they’re going head to head in this tech development battle. Recent reports show that both Facebook and Apple are working on their own versions of augmented reality glasses. There have been forecasts suggesting that these devices may become popular enough to take the place currently held by smartphones. Over a year ago, Apple assembled a team to look into the feasibility of AR glasses for mainstream use. Now, it appears as though Apple is pouring an increasing amount of its resources into augmented reality glasses…

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Doppel launches new category of wearable technology

medical mobile wearable technology health

These mood changing devices represent an entirely new type of experience to their wearers. Doppel has now created a new form of wearable technology device as it has now come up with a product that its developers are claiming is able to use a tactile beat to the wearer’s wrist in order to change that individual’s mood. The claim is that the device works by engaging the natural rhythm of the body and tweaking it. The idea is that with this wearable technology, the body’s rhythms can be altered by…

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Wearable tech SmartRing announced by MOTA

wearable tech ring

These wearables may represent a device that consumers will find more appealing and practical than smartwatches. MOTA has now unveiled its new wearable tech which comes in the form of a smart ring that is meant to be stylish and attractive as well as practical, in order to possibly become more popular than smartwatches, which are not being adopted quite as quickly as had been originally expected. The smart ring device is meant to provide smartphone notifications on a device worn on the finger. Smartwatches are just starting to pick…

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Wearable technology, SexFit, is rather different from your smartwatch

SexFit by Bondara wearable technology

These wearables are headed considerably lower, allowing a man to track statistics related to his penis. A British adult retailer called Bondara has now taken wearable technology to an entirely different region of the male anatomy, giving men the ability to track various statistics through a companion app, while claiming to enhance experience and performance at the same time. At the moment, these wearables are only in their pre-prototype form, and it has yet to be seen whether they will hit the market. The wearable technology device is designed in…

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