Wearable technology adoption will become mainstream among manufacturers in 5 years

manufacturing factory wearable technology adoption

A new report suggests that this tech will provide companies with a connected plant floor investment. A newly released study shows wearable technology adoption is far from being limited to fitness trackers among people trying to live healthier lives. The number of manufacturers seeking a connected plant floor has also caused wearables to become more popular. The 2017 Manufacturing Vision Study conducted by Zebra Technologies Corp placed showed wearables use rapidly growing. Manufacturing companies are looking to wearable technology adoption in order to remain competitive in an intense global environment.…

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Wearable technology is as popular as tablets in the UK

wearable technology watch mobile commerce

According to YouGov statistics, 6 percent of the population of the United Kingdom has at least one type of wearables. YouGov has now released a wearable technology market report which has shown that the adoption of these little devices is actually quite similar to that of tablet adoption in the United Kingdom. That said, the actual rate of adoption has been notably slower than it has been for tablets. Adoption of wearable technology has now risen to 22 percent, according to the YouGov report. The report explained this by saying…

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Best Buy calls itself the largest selection of wearable technology

wearable technology debra digiovanni best buy

The electronics chain is telling holiday shoppers in Canada that it offers the most types of wearables. Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, consumers are starting to get to know what is available and where, and when it comes to buying wearable technology in Canada, Best Buy claims to have the largest selection of both the devices and their accessories. It says that its wearables selection contains over 200 different products that include a vast range of options. Within the wearable technology department, consumers can find…

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Wearable technology perceptions are holding it back

Intel 8742 chip wearable technology

Intel says that companies aren’t yet concentrating on what people actually want from these devices. According to Steve Brown, chief evangelist and futurist at Intel, until the industry works to design their wearable technology in a way that will appeal to the perceptions of consumers, that sector simply will not succeed. This statement was made in a speech that Brown gave in London at a tech event. Brown spoke at the Wearable Technology Show in London with a keynote address in which he instructed the delegates in the audience to…

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