Volkswagen and Microsoft launch augmented reality glasses project

augmented reality glasses - technology

The companies are working to use the HoloLens 2 to bring AR into the driving experience. Volkswagen and Microsoft have announced that they will be collaborating on a HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses project that will bring the experience right into a driver’s own vehicle. The idea is to provide a holographic display of relevant information right when the driver needs it. The augmented reality glasses project would bring technology closer to being able to provide information such as traffic conditions, weather reports, shopping recommendations and highlights of points of…

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Volkswagen taps into the power of augmented reality

Volkswagen VW augmented reality

Metaio and Volkswagen launch augmented reality project Augmented reality is becoming more common in the auto industry. While some automakers are using the technology for a new generation of navigation systems that can turn windshields into interactive digital maps, others are using augmented reality to help people take care of their cars. Metaio, a pioneer in the augmented reality field, has teamed with German automaker to launch the MARTA project, which leverages augmented reality to aid in servicing a vehicle. MARTA project to be demonstrated alongside XL1 The MARTA project…

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QR code campaign from Volkswagen causes stir in Latin America

QR code campaign-Volkswagen

Volkswagen again makes use of QR codes for latest marketing campaign Volkswagen has shown a great deal of interest in QR codes recently. The German automaker has used the codes in the past as part of its marketing campaigns. The company’s use of QR codes have proven somewhat popular amongst consumers, many of whom have had limited experience with the codes in the past. Volkswagen has launched a new QR code campaign aimed at promoting its commercial vans. Instead of using small versions of the blocky barcodes, the automaker has…

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