Vodafone to launch mobile payments service in Europe

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M-Pesa to break into the European market this year, beginning in Romania Vodafone has announced that its M-Pesa mobile payments service will be launched in Romania, signifying the service’s first entry into the European market. M-Pesa has existed in Africa since 2007 and has done much to transform commerce in several African countries. The service is often praised for its convenient nature and the fact that it can be used on older mobile devices. The service is text-based, which means that it can be used by a wide range of…

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Competition in mobile commerce explodes due to rapid growth

U.K. Mobile Payments

Growth of mobile commerce creates an over abundance of competition Mobile commerce has grown very quickly over the past few years. Consumers have shown that they are very interested in mobile payments and shopping from their smartphones and tablets, which has lead to a surge in new startups offering services to accommodate this interest. Mobile commerce can be a very lucrative field, but establishing a strong presence in the market has become very difficult for both well established companies and new startups. Demand for services is high, but so is…

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MoneyGram forms deal with Vodafone to promote mobile commerce

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MoneyGram teams with Vodafone to appeal to mobile consumers MoneyGram has announced its new partnership with Vodafone. Through this partnership, the two organizations aim to make it easier for consumers to conduct money transfers from their mobile devices. This is to be accomplished through the M-Pesa platform, which is owned by Vodafone. The platform has been used throughout Europe for various purposes ranging from bill paying to depositing funds into a bank account directly from a mobile device. Vodafone continues to find success in the mobile field with its various…

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Far EasTone to launch its own NFC-enabled device to promote mobile commerce

NFC Technology mobile commerce

Mobile commerce held back by lack of NFC-enabled devices In a world where commerce is becoming increasingly mobile, NFC technology is still relatively unknown. Despite the fact that the technology is considered one of the pillars of modern mobile commerce, very few consumers are aware that the technology actually exists or how to use it. Because most mobile commerce platforms are based on NFC technology, this also meant that few consumers are able to participate in mobile payments due to their lack of knowledge and the generally low availability of…

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Mobile commerce deal to be made between Vodafone and Gemalto

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The agreement is designed to extend over the next five years. Gemalto, a digital security company, will be signing a global deal to last five years with Vodafone Group PLC, the mobile giant, in order to provide the technology for mobile commerce payment services that are slated to roll out in 2013. Gemalto is an Amsterdam based company that should be announcing the deal this week. As of yet, no financial details regarding this mobile commerce deal have been released. As the popularity of smartphones and other wireless devices continue…

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