Ubleam looks to a new generation of QR codes

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New QR codes developed by Ubleam Ubleam is a new start-up devoted to the development of a new generation of QR codes. The company was established in 2011 in France and has made significant progress in its endeavor to launch a new kind of code that could be very useful in marketing and other applications. QR codes have been evolving over the years, going from black and white blocky patterns to more visually appealing designs. Visual QR codes, those that are free of the blocky patterns of their traditional counterparts,…

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QR codes may see the dawning of a new era from Visualead and Qurify

QR Codes

Visualead acquires popular QR codes generator Visualead, a designer of visual QR codes, has announced its acquisition of Qurify, a popular QR code generator. The Qurify generator will now be incorporated into Visualead’s services, offering consumers and businesses alike a way to create visual QR codes that are significantly different from conventional versions of the codes. The acquisition is part of Visualead’s ongoing campaign to improve the capabilities of QR codes and make them more attractive in the realm of marketing and consumer engagement. Visual codes becoming more popular The…

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