Important Visa mobile payments milestone reached in India

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The financial giant has announced that it has issued over one million of its contactless cards in the country. Visa recently announced the issuing of over one million of its branded contactless cards in India. These were all issued through eight major banks within the country. These cards function on the same technology as contactless Visa mobile payments. The widespread use of these cards is opening the door for easier mobile payments to be rapidly adopted. There are over 100,000 merchant locations in India that are now set up to…

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Visa introduces new mobile wallet payment system Visa mobile commerce payments

Visa enters into the arena of mobile commerce with new payment service Credit giant has announced that it will be launching a new mobile payment service this year. The company has taken a keen interest in NFC technology recently, believing that mobile commerce will become the predominant form of commerce in the world. Visa is not alone in this belief; many other credit institutions and telecommunications companies have also begun developing mobile payment systems in preparation for the proliferation of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Many of these companies are competing to…

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Visa announces payWave mobile payments provisioning service

Visa Mobile Payments News

Visa has unveiled a new level to their mobile payment system, payWave, which will provide an over-the-air smartphone provisioning service. The announcement was made in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, and according to the company, this new service is designed to make it simpler for banks, operators, and transit operators to connect a consumer’s smartphone with Visa payment accounts. Though consumers may not find this quite as thrilling as the release of apps for a mobile wallet, what Visa has now released what they feel is a primary element…

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