Important Visa mobile payments milestone reached in India

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The financial giant has announced that it has issued over one million of its contactless cards in the country. Visa recently announced the issuing of over one million of its branded contactless cards in India. These were all issued through eight major banks within the country. These cards function on the same technology as contactless Visa mobile payments. The widespread use of these cards is opening the door for easier mobile payments to be rapidly adopted. There are over 100,000 merchant locations in India that are now set up to…

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Olympic Games may be the proving ground for NFC mobile commerce

2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games in London may become a fervent proving ground for mobile commerce. The UK is in full swing in preparing for the Summer Games and has targeted contactless payments as a viable way of crowd control and convenience. Several telecommunications and financial services companies are working together to promote NFC technology throughout Europe and are hoping that the technology takes root with foreign leaders as they visit the UK. Apple, Visa and Nokia will all be present for the Summer Games to promote NFC-driven mobile commerce. The…

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Contactless Visa debit cards now available through Bank of Ireland

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The Bank of Ireland has announced the release of a new form of Visa debit card that is contactless, so that the consumer may make small purchases in “less than a second” by simply holding their cards over the reading device. The near-field communications (NFC) enabled cards can be used for purchases of €15 or less in a contactless transaction which functions with the user’s account at the Bank of Ireland. The same security protection that is available on all Visa cards also applies to the use of these cards.…

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