FTC moves to stop Meta from acquiring virtual reality company

Virtual reality company - Meta - Stop Sign

The US regulator is also acting to stop Facebook’s parent company from buying a fitness app. The Federal Tarde Commission has filed a complaint in a San Francisco federal court against Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the acquisition of a fitness app and a virtual reality company. The acquisitions in question are for the Supernatural app and the Within Unlimited VR firm. According to the FTC’s filing, allowing Meta and Zuckerberg to complete the acquisition of the fitness app and…

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Virtual reality technology could boost multiple sclerosis rehabilitation therapies

Virtual reality technology - Multiple Sclerosis

Researchers are conducting a study to determine how beneficial the VR tech will be to MS patients. Kessler Foundation scientists recently published an article in which they advocated for working virtual reality technology into certain more conventional multiple sclerosis therapies to help to boost their effectiveness. The researchers offered a conceptual framework to support the use of VR tech for cognitive rehabilitation. The researchers discussed a way of using traditional cognitive rehabilitation and exercise training along with virtual reality technology. They theorized that this combination would strengthen the impact of…

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Toyota Material Handling to use virtual reality technology training resource

Virtual reality technology - Toyota Sign

VR Vision to be used for onboarding service technician and other professional training programs. Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has entered into a partnership with VR vision, a virtual reality technology company based in Toronto, Canada, to provide supplemental learning resources to the existing training programs for onboarding service technicians and other professionals. The idea is to enhance the complete training experience while improving the learning environment. “Our vision is to provide a learning environment that resonates with current and future generations of technicians,” said TMH Dealer Training Manager Holly Brotzman…

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Virtual reality games can improve amputation patient rehab

Virtual reality games - Person playing basketball

The technology helps to make the rehabilitation exercises more fun for patients. Rehabilitation centers in certain hospitals and clinics have started using virtual reality games to help amputation patients to enjoy their rehabilitation. The VR experience lets the patients play sports such s soccer, snowboarding and parachuting. The patients using the virtual reality games as a part of their amputation rehabilitation programs follow a program that lasts several weeks. The patients will typically return to the hospital or clinic on a daily basis for around six weeks for their therapy.…

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Meta reportedly splits up augmented and virtual reality headsets team

Virtual reality headsets - Split between VR and AR

The team of 300 people was working on a hybrid operating system but won’t be continuing for now. A team of 300 people that had been working on Meta’s hybrid operating system for augmented and virtual reality headsets, has been reportedly split up by the company. Some of the engineers from the team will be heading to Quest gadgets and AR glasses projects. Some of those that had been working on the operating system for the augmented and virtual reality headsets will be heading to work on AR glasses or…

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