Social media marketing experts use ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as a lesson

social media marketing als ice bucket challenge

While there is no formula for success, the campaign is being studied and broken down in order to learn from it. Regardless of whether you agree that social media marketing is a powerful opportunity or not, there is no denying that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a tremendously successful awareness campaign and it has managed to take advantage of everything this channel has to offer. The videos of friends, family, and celebrities pouring ice water on themselves to generate ALS research donations are everywhere. It is starting to become…

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QR code technology and the record industry, together, make beautiful music!

Viral marketing has been something of a hit in the many industries. The concept is simple…take a product, develop a sense of mystery by implementing qr technology and allow consumers to puzzle out what it really is. Somehow, the process makes the product more real and the consumer feels a deeper connection with it. The problem is getting the consumer to go through the trouble of paying the viral campaign any mind. Once they see it, it’s really a game of chance whether they’ll want to delve deeper. In Hong Kong, ad agency Leo…

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