Augmented reality glasses could revolutionize gaming

Augmented Reality Glasses - AR and Education

Augmented reality and gaming begin to mingle Augmented reality is beginning to gain momentum in the game industry. The technology has long been associated with entertainment, favored for its interactive and dynamic nature. Recently, however, technology firms from around the world have begun to develop augmented reality eyewear that could, quite literally, change the way people see the world around them. Such projects have implications for gaming as well as social networking and entertainment in general. Two former employees of acclaimed game developer and publisher Valve believe that augmented reality…

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Valve shows love for augmented reality

Augmented reality in art

Valve continues to show its support for interactive technology Game developer Valve has been experimenting with augmented reality technology. The company has won acclaim for its ability to create innovative games that, at times, push the boundaries of convention. Valve has managed to stay on the cutting edge of technology, a position that has helped the company retain favor with gamers even when making rare, yet costly mistakes. Technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced, a fact that Valve believes will cause major changes in the game industry if…

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Game developer Valve experimenting with new augmented reality gaming system


Augmented reality gaming is growing in popularity around the world. Acclaimed game developer Valve has announced that its research and development division is currently working on a new augmented reality system. The announcement was made unceremoniously in a recent blog post from one of the company’s developers, Michael Abrash. In his post, Abrash shed some light on his work with the company and how he was able to carve out his place in Valve. He also touched upon a current project the company is working on that will likely have…

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