Clearview AI awarded US patent for facial recognition platform

Facial recognition - Patent Approved

The controversial company’s capabilities for gathering and matching images earned its first patent. Clearview AI, leading company and facial recognition platform has now been awarded a US patent for that platform’s capacity to gather and match images. The company has become the leader in its field, providing reliable photo identification technology. The Clearview AI photo identification platform in receipt of the patent managed to perform almost flawlessly in the recent Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The patent was for the “Methods…

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Google Glass trademark application declined by USPTO

Google Glass augmented reality glasses

The technology giant was hoping to call its wearable technology device simply “Glass”. Although currently well recognized as Google Glass, the company behind these augmented reality wearables has been aiming to be able to change the name simply to “Glass” on its own. However, it has now run into considerable opposition which may force it to have to change its path. In order to be able to use the single word instead of the complete name of Google Glass, the company had been aiming to register a trademark. It was…

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