Mobile commerce is on the rise

mobile commerce

One quarter of shoppers use smartphones and tablets for their online buying experience. A recent survey of consumers in the United States has shown that 25 percent of users of smartphones and tablets take part in mobile commerce as the exclusive channel by which they do their online shopping. The survey was performed by an Ohio based company called Biginsight. What it discovered was that consumers are increasingly forming a complete dependency on their tablets and their smartphones in order to complete many activities in their lives, including shopping, but…

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Study underlines the importance of mobile commerce to shoppers

Mobile Commerce Shopping

Research shows almost 40 percent of American adult mobile owners want to shop with their devices A new poll commissioned by Placecast and performed by Harris Interactive, has indicated that Americans are increasingly adopting smartphones for all elements of their shopping experiences, ranging from research about a specific or type of product, to price comparisons and purchases. The poll suggested that 20 percent of all adult mobile device users in the United States (with either feature phones or smartphones), approximately 39 million people, have made some kind of online purchase…

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