Mobile advertising in the United States saw a shocking growth rate last year

mobile advertising trends in the United States smartphone

Though it didn’t come as a surprise that marketing over this channel would rise, it was the amount that astounded. The results of an Interactive Advertising Bureau study are in and they’ve revealed that mobile advertising composed the largest segment of online ad revenue, having made up 35 percent of the total $59.6 billion in the U.S. It appears that mobile marketing has been lit on fire and managed to grow by 66.1 percent throughout 2015. This brought the total up from 2014’s $12.45 to a much more substantial $20.68…

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Mobile marketing is now critical to small businesses in US

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

A recent study is revealing that smartphone penetration is making it vital to advertise over this channel. According to the latest study from Pew Research, most Americans are now smartphone owners, which means that the potential for mobile marketing is an enormous one throughout the United States. A new research report has been issued that has revealed the impact on small businesses in the U.S. According to Michael Berner, the president of the firm that released the report, Mobile App Source, the penetration of smartphones indicates a“Mass societal shift to…

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Mobile marketing campaign started by Colgate-Palmolive

mobile marketing colgate palmolive

The company is using SMS to help Americans to learn more about oral health and proper care. Colgate-Palmolive has just announced that it has entered into a new mobile marketing partnership with the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) in order to launch the toothpaste and oral health product company’s “Oral Health Month” campaign, this year. This campaign will be geared toward providing Hispanic Americans with more information. Starting today and running for the length of July, this mobile marketing campaign will be used to help families with a Hispanic American background…

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Mobile marketing used by 94 percent of leading American advertisers

QR Code mobile Marketing

More than nine out of every ten marketers in the United States are now targeting smartphone carrying consumers. The latest figures in advertising have just revealed that 90 percent of the leading hundred American advertisers have started to implement some form of mobile marketing techniques within the last year. This data was revealed in a report that was just released regarding trends in the use of these ads. The report was produced by the ad monitoring service called Competitrack. All of the 94 companies that have implemented mobile marketing techniques…

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Luxury brands use apps with mobile marketing to best appeal to wealthy American consumers

mobile commerce affluent

Study shows richest American consumers want mobile marketing apps from their favorite luxury brands. A study performed by a partnership between the Luxury Institute – an independent and objective organization based in New York City – and Plastic Mobile – an award winning agency for mobile marketing – has shown that the most affluent consumers in the united States prefer to connect with their favorite luxury brands by way of a smartphone app. The results of the study were released in a report entitled “Mobile Apps And Commerce for Luxury…

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