Mobile payments market will see explosive growth in the US

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Report predicts the rise of mobile transactions throughout the United States The mobile payments market is expected to explode in the United States, according to the latest report from eMarketer. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that they can use a variety of services to pay for products online and in physical stores, all from their mobile devices. These shoppers are showing more interest in mobile payments, largely due to their convenience, and the options that they have available to them are drawing more people into the mobile commerce market. Mobile…

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Aramark looks to expand into mobile commerce

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Aramark has partnered with Tapingo to bring mobile services to universities in the US Aramark has announced that it has begun integrating its services into the mobile commerce service Tapingo. Aramark providers food services, facility management, and uniforms throughout the world and has now taken a strong interest in the mobile commerce space. Through the partnership with Tapingo, Aramark will be deploying new services to more than 25 universities in the United States. The service may be well received by students that have become very reliant on their mobile devices.…

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Mobile commerce could soon overtake PC based shopping

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Though this may not quite be the case in North America, the massive Asian population is tipping the scales. According to the data included in an industry report, it looks as though mobile commerce is headed in the right direction to overtake the use of laptops and desktops as vehicles for shopping online. The report claims that a boost in the trend toward shopping online and the use of mobile apps is behind this shift. The report was produced by KPMG, in which it stated that “It is estimated that…

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Mobile commerce reaches new heights globally

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New report from Criteo shows that mobile shopping is more than just a passing fancy Criteo, a performance marketing technology firm, has released the latest edition of its Mobile Commerce Report. The report highlights the results seen in the mobile sector during the fourth quarter of 2014, showcasing emerging trends and addressing consumer shopping behavior. The report has found that mobile now accounts for a large portion of online transactions, especially in parts of the world where mobile technology penetration is high, such as the United States. Mobile now accounts…

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Mobile commerce grows despite security concerns

mobile commerce security

New report shows the growth of the mobile sector Juniper Research has released a new report concerning the growth of the mobile commerce sector. The report takes note of several trends that have emerged in the mobile market and provides insight into how these trends have affected the perception of mobile shopping among consumers. Notably, the report shows that security is one of the most problematic issues that consumers have with mobile commerce. Despite security concerns, however, people are still shopping and making payments with their mobile devices more than…

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