US Army to begin testing Microsoft mixed reality HoloLens headset

mixed reality - United States Army Plane

The wearable technology has been altered as a specific combat version for the purpose it may be used. The US Army is about to receive an improved version of the mixed reality Microsoft HoloLens headset that it has been testing for some time now, as QR Code Press reported in 2021. The new headset has been designed to overcome several of the challenges identified during initial tests. Among the changes Microsoft has made to the mixed reality headset version meant for the US Army’s testing includes improvements to comfort issues…

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US Army wearable tech to collect biometric data for soldiers

US Army Wearable Tech - soldier with helmet and googles

The goal is to use the IVAS headset in the development of military artificial intelligence. US Army wearable tech intends to collect soldier biometric data in order to integrate these gadgets with several other forms of technology such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). The outcome will be AR goggles that will enhance cybersecurity. Among the top technological military goals over the next year will be in user authentication. Network Cross-Function Team senior science and technology advisor Donald Coulter spoke at a C4ISRNET-hotsted webinar at the start of…

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U.S. Army adopts QR codes for new training program for soldiers

US Army QR code

The U.S. Army has adopted QR codes for a new training initiative aimed at soldiers fresh out of basic training. The General Dymanics LandWarNet School at Fort Gordon in Georgia will be home to a new training program that introduces soldiers to QR codes, which will be referred to as “link codes.” The codes will be posted on equipment found throughout the school grounds and each code will be linked to a satellite, allowing soldiers to send and receive information when they scan the code with a mobile device. QR…

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U.S. Army launched QR code initiative to connect with the people

U.S. Army QR Code Campaign

The context in which QR codes can be used is expansive. Though the codes were originally developed by Denso Wave to track inventory for Toyota, use of the codes has branched out into the marketing industry to great success. The codes became popular in Japan and can be found nearly everywhere in big cities like Tokyo, but their influence spread quickly to the U.S. Now, the codes have become a staple in marketing, especially among marketers keen on grabbing the interest of smart phone users. The appeal of QR codes…

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