Mobile commerce may be the future

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Mobile commerce is becoming a powerful retail force that is growing quickly among consumers and businesses Mobile commerce may become the dominant force in the retail industry in the coming years. Consumers throughout the world are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online and in physical stores, and the number of people doing this is growing at a rapid pace. Many people favor mobile commerce because of its convenient nature, and companies that provide a convenient experience tend to find the most support among mobile consumers. Estimates show that…

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Mobile commerce is growing dramatically throughout the world

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New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in the UK and elsewhere Criteo, an advertising specialist based in Europe, has released a new report that highlights the ascension of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. For the past few years, consumers have begun to favor shopping for products with their mobile devices rather than visit physical stores. While traditional stores remain important to the vast majority of consumers, a growing number of people are opting to purchase products online using nothing more than their smartphones and tablets.…

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Survey highlights the growth of mobile commerce

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Mobile commerce is beginning to expand in several prominent markets OHT-Mobile has released the results of its latest survey, which covers eight global markets and highlights the growth of mobile commerce. The countries covered in the survey are the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan. In each of these countries, mobile commerce has been growing at an accelerate rate. This has to do with the high penetration of smartphones and other technologies, as well as the efforts retailers are making to reach a…

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Apple’s mobile payments service may see slow growth in Australia

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Australian banks may not be interested in Apple Pay Apple Pay has managed to gain a great deal of momentum in the United States. The success of the mobile payments service has lead Apple to seek its expansion in other countries, such as Australia and the United Kingdom. Australian banks seem to have little interest in the payments platform, however, due to the fees that are associated with its use. Banks that would support Apple Pay would give up an estimated $2.5 billion in merchant fees to Apple. Fees associated…

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Mobile commerce reaches new heights globally

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New report from Criteo shows that mobile shopping is more than just a passing fancy Criteo, a performance marketing technology firm, has released the latest edition of its Mobile Commerce Report. The report highlights the results seen in the mobile sector during the fourth quarter of 2014, showcasing emerging trends and addressing consumer shopping behavior. The report has found that mobile now accounts for a large portion of online transactions, especially in parts of the world where mobile technology penetration is high, such as the United States. Mobile now accounts…

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