Retail mobile commerce revenue is on the rise

Mobile Commerce Website Optimization

New report from Unbound Commerce shows that mobile websites are having an impact on mobile revenue Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile site and payment services, has released a report concerning the revenue growth that its clients have seen during the third quarter of this year. The report shows that the company’s clients have seen a significant increase in mobile commerce revenue. Mobile websites may have contributed to this growth, as these sites have helped retailers better engage mobile consumers and made it easier for these consumers to shop and…

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Retailers begin seeing positive results from their mobile commerce efforts

online shopping cart mobile commerce

Retailers using services from Unbound Commerce are finding more success in the mobile field Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile commerce solutions for retailers, notes that those using its services have seen a significant rise in mobile revenue during the second quarter of this year. The company helps build and deploy dedicated mobile websites for those interested in supporting mobile payments. These mobile sites are vital in order to effectively engage mobile consumers. Businesses with sites that are not optimized for mobile viewing could be missing out on a major…

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Mobile commerce website achieves considerable sales success

mobile commerce trends

A retailer of outdoor gear has now achieved massive results with its m-commerce site integration. In order to create a truly successful mobile commerce website, Wide Open Spaces has integrated Magento and Unbound Commerce and has managed to impress consumers who are now shopping there. The customers of this members only online retailer are often in locations well away from their computers. After all, Wide Open Spaces caters to fishermen and hunters, which means that when they are using the products that are sold by the retailer, they are out…

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Mobile commerce study shows over 400 percent retail increase on Cyber Monday

Mobile commerce Trends

Research shows sales skyrocketed on that most important smartphone shopping day of the year. A study performed by Unbound Commerce regarding the mobile commerce retail sales from Cyber Monday has shown increases of over 400 percent among more than 360 top retailers, and that the majority of the visits that were made to these sites were from new customers. These numbers have just been released regarding the aggregate transactions that were made. Among the retailers who use the integrated mobile commerce platform from Unbound, the total revenue spiked by 410…

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